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We simply want you to unwind and relax in our rustic hand-built seats and enjoy good company, fine food and wonderful views.  On the Rocks is the perfect location when you’re looking for exceptional cuisine in a relaxing environment…



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A wide range of superbly presented cuisine to suit every palette awaits you here at On the Rocks… Using produce from only the best local suppliers based in Devon.  Take a look at our latest menus right here and see what you might fancy..



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Welcome to on the rocks


Do you relish the thought of home-grown mussels sizzling in a pan of garlic butter or a tender 10 ounce ribeye steak washed down with a cool glass of Bays?

Do you want to wind down from a hard day’s work and sample quality, locally sourced and prepared food without worrying if there’s a crease in your shirt?

And do you find joy in the simple things in life – like the sound of the sea and the scent of salt on the breeze?

Then you will love On the Rocks.

We’re all about sourcing local produce and forging strong partnerships with our suppliers. We want to know exactly where the food we serve comes from and make it our business to personally visit the farms, fisheries and breweries that supply us.

We’ve seen the old cider press at Hunts Farm in Yalberton, a farm which has been brewing cider for over two centuries. We’ve toured the fish factories at Brixham Seafish and witnessed the unique methods of mussel farming employed by Brixham Sea Farms. We’re the type of people who are on first name terms with our suppliers and can reel their phone numbers off the top of our heads. And we have passed on all we’ve learned, so if you have any questions about where your food comes from just ask one of our friendly staff.

Then there’s the atmosphere:

Our head chef Austin may have worked in the Michelin 2-star Ledbury in London, but you’ll find no pretentiousness here. We really don’t care if you don’t know in which order your cutlery is supposed to be in or if you want to roll in from the beach in your flip-flops. Kids and dogs are welcome too; it’s all good.

We simply want you to unwind and relax in our rustic hand-built seats and enjoy good company, fine food and wonderful views. If you want to know what floats our boat then just come down to one of our Wednesday night Mussel and Prosecco specials where you will hear the gentle strains of acoustic melodies playing out over the bay, and the warm hum of pleasant conversation inside.


No fuss • Great Food • Simple Pleasures


Come and join us out On the Rocks!


ingredients local


Bringing communities together by buying local is central to everything we do at On the Rocks. A glance through our menu will show how seriously we take this commitment, with much of our fresh meat and fish sourced from Brixham.

With premium quality fresh fish and shellfish on our doorstep, supplied by Nigel at Brixham Seafish and Brixham Sea Farms, there is no reason to look elsewhere.

Our fruit and vegetables are supplied by Torquay-based Roots who collect produce from a choice of 60 local farms, while even our cider travels the short distance from Broadleigh Farm in Yalberton.

We also prepare as much as possible in-house, making all of our own stocks and sauces.